Photography by Robb Harper

About Me

H ello, I am Robb Harper!  I am not a world famous or highly accomplished photographer.  I am just an ordinary guy with a serious passion for all things photography.  Some people tell me I am pretty good, take a peek at my work and decide for yourself.  I live in Oklahoma City with my beautiful wife and two obnoxious dogs.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in business and a full time career in Information Technology.  Photography is not how I make my living; it is something that helps me love living.  Photography fills me with purpose and joy.  It is something I plan to pursue my entire life.


People often ask “what kind of photography do you specialize in” or “what kind of photographer are you”.  I guess I specialize in being a generalist and I could be described as simply well rounded.  Early in my photography career weddings were my passion.  There is something extraordinarily special about being trusted and requested to document one of the most important moments in people’s lives.  That is an honor and responsibility I take extreme pride in.  As time has gone on and I have focused on my IT career and family more, I have dramatically slowed down on wedding photography.  I still love having people on the other end of my lens.  I love photographing all people and all types of portraiture.  When I am not photographing a client I can most often be found in the great dawn or dusk hours glued to a tripod or two capturing a landscape or something architectural.


I am a self-described “Creative Photo Geek”, and I take the geek part pretty seriously.  While I love mastering the technical aspects of photography, I firmly believe that the work doesn’t end when I press the shutter button.  I think that when skillfully done, digital post processing is what makes a good photo an amazing photograph.  I spend a lot of time crafting and creating images with Photoshop and many other titles of software.  It was my time creating digital art that introduced me to my absolute favorite photography technique; HDR.